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Welcome: Small Note

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Just a note, this site isn't complete. You can click on the image to the right or on Google Picasaweb to see our family photos for now. The rest of the links don't work quite yet.


Things to Work On

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I'm building the template and there's a few things that need some work:

  1. Scrolling down doesn't extend the white background
  2. Right Bar

Welcome Friends & Family

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Welcome to the new Barnett family web site. This site is meant to do 2 things. First, its obvious purpose is to inform all of you about the mundane going ons in our life. We'll post pictures here after our vacations, we'll post pitures of the family, and blog about some of the events going on in our lives. Occasinoally, I'll probably blog about some incredible deal I find, some new technology I think you might find interesting, and those sorts of things.

The second, less obvious, purpose of the site is to act as a sort of training grounds and portfolio site. I'll likely test out some of the latest and greatest web technologies here. It means you might have to install some browser plug ins to get the most out of the site. It also means that there's a greater-than-likely chance you'll encounter errors or some other complication that I wouldn't put on a site that was meant for general public consumption. The good news is that there should be some pretty neat things and I'll be able to point to this site when discussing the things I'm capable of doing. Hopefully this purpose doesn't get in the way of you getting the information you want, but be sure to tell me if it does.